About US

ATL SALES, a division of ASSOCIATED TECHNOLOGIES LTD., was formed under a superseded corporate name in January of 1968 by a widely recognized specialist in waterworks and wastewater equipment who established a substantial base for the operations today. Personnel changes in the early 1980's resulted in the current business names being adopted as more suited to ongoing activities and corporate direction.

Terrance E. Pesek, P.E. with over three decades of successfully working in this field is corporate C.E.O. fully supported by an experienced in-house staff as well as vast array of specialized outside expert consultants available when appropriate for complete professional evaluation of application parameters, or problems, for most water and wastewater process systems that are existing, or in design.

Products include Clarifiers, Distributors, Digester Covers, Aerotors, Screening, Filters, Pumps of most all types, Variable Frequency Drives, Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Open Channel Flow Meters, Level Controls, Pressure Transducers, DO Meters, Analytical Meters, Data Recorders, Gas Chlorine Feeders, Chemical Scales, Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, Poly Chain and Sprockets, FRP Enclosures, Specialties and Fabricated Custom Components. Ancillaries of most all types are also available as applicable.

ATL has the capability to undertake whatever the equipment or service needs might be and takes considerable pride in principal's that totally support their products beyond the normal warranty terms when appropriate. Contact us whenever it is believed ATL may be able to assist in any way.

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